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the coffee you love, now at home.
The real Italian espresso in comfortable square capsules

Our dna

For us, coffee means passion and experience.

Research, quality and innovation are three key values that characterize our brand. Besides creating a unique product that makes our clients experience each coffee aroma, our final purpose is to satisfy demanding costumers that want to taste a perfect espresso both at the bar and at home. By respecting environmental politics and carefully checking high-quality raw materials, the final product is a valuable coffee, which is easily recognizable to the taste.


Innovation, tradition and a lot of passion

Different types of coffee are separately roasted with hot air, depending on their origin, assuring that the right cooking level is reached. After every cycle, our master meticulously controls the coffee beans in order to guarantee a high-quality product perfectly constant over time.

  • Quality control

    Every single part of green coffee is scrupulously controlled considering the sieve that must be over 18.

  • Blending

    Coffee is blent following strict recipes and roasting times.

Training courses

We regularly organize free training courses for our clients.   

The courses are taught by professionals who will give you a general historical knowledge and small tips and arrangements in order to serve a coffee over the top. At the end of the course everyone will receive a certificate of attendance.

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