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Bar services

If you want to open a new bar or if you are a bartender looking for a new supplier, then Ideal Caffe is for you. In addition to offering you the highest quality blends and helping you decide which one is best suited to your needs and tastes, we can provide you with an elegant bar line and the best equipment on loan to use. 


The quality of the product in the cup cannot be separated from the tools used. For this reason, our customers are provided with state-of-the-art equipment on a free loan for use basis. We use coffee machines with advanced technologies, suitable to respond efficiently to all the barista’s needs. They also allow you to monitor temperature and delivery times, obtaining the maximum from the extraction of the product. To ensure the freshness of the product, we prefer instant grinders, which prepare the single dose on the exact moment and prevent the ground coffee left in the dispenser from losing aromas and fragrances.

On all our equipment on loan we offer free assistance, both ordinary and extraordinary, timely and professional.

Bar Line

To fully customize your place we have thought of a line with a modern character and elegant, which includes everything you need: coffee mugs and cups, glass mugs of different sizes, teapots, napkin holders, table sugar holders and much more.

The Ideal Caffe bar line is distinguished by a design that combines practicality with refinement and style.

An example is the shape of the porcelain cups, the bottom of which is the size adapted to ensure that the coffee stays warm longer. The materials used guarantee a longer duration over time.

Accessory products

We collaborate with leading companies in the sector to offer you the highest quality even within our range of accessory products. Barley, ginseng or guarana flavored coffee for those who prefer more refined and different tastes than the classic Espresso. A fine line of teas and infusions, which combines classic tastes with more refined and particular combinations. Hot chocolates, produced with 22/24 cocoa of the highest quality, used in pastry for its excellent qualities of solubility and the right balance between taste and aromas.

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