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Our coffee

Ours is an extraordinary journey into the world of coffee, it began in 1974 with the Grazioli family and continues today with the same passion.

Masters in roasting techniques

We are innovators with our heart focused on tradition.

The different varieties of coffee are roasted with hot air, a traditional technique that allows us to maximize the characteristics of the raw material. The level of roasting chosen is light in order to enhance the specific properties and aromas of each single origin and can be recognised in the light and uniformed color of the roasted beans.

The roasting phase is very delicate: the variation of a single time parameter or temperature can result in a completely different product in the cup. For this, after each cycle the roasted coffee is checked by our master roaster. This attention to detail guarantees a technically perfect and consistent high quality product over time.

Our goal is to toast a product that is the best possible.

That is why we dedicate a lot of time and resources to studying roasting profiles and training our own personnel.

Strict quality test

The first step to guarantee a final product of excellence is the choice of quality raw materials.

For this reason, we only buy raw products from certified plantations which have been carefully selected. In addition, we subject every single batch of green coffee to rigorous visual and taste checks, as well as specific tests using specialised tools. For example, it is essential we measure the level of humidity and the size of the grain sieve, which must not be less than 18.

Recipes that give unique, complex and balanced aromas

The different varieties of raw coffee are blended following rigorous recipes, closely studied by master roaster. Knowledge of the aromatic specificities of each original grain is essential to fully enhance the product and the different nuances that characterise it. The starting point of our recipes is the balance of acidity, bitterness and body in the cup.

The basis of Ideal blends remains the tradition of Italian Espresso. We also use the two original recipes created by the founders of our company, which we have inherited and over time perfected. We have subsequently added new blends to them, designed to be offered as reinterpretations of Espresso in a modern way.

State-of-the-art equipment

The enhancement of raw materials cannot ignore the need for high quality equipment used during the productive process. For this reason, for years we have been relying on leading companies in the sector, whose professionalism and attention to detail is identified in top of the range machinery. In fact, all roasting, storage and bagging systems in our laboratory are the latest generation and subjected to continuous innovation. An example is the roaster, that in the last years has been changed several times to meet the increasing volumes of work and, above all, to stay always in line with the technological innovations of the sector.

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