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Production on behalf of third parties

Our production service for third parties of coffee beans and ground allows you to customize the product completely, from the composition of the mixture to the choice of packaging.


Forty years of experience in the world of coffee have allowed us to accumulate a lot of knowledge and in-depth training. Understanding and knowing the raw materials, mastering the techniques of roasting and the ability to satisfy the needs of the market are our know-how.

We put our expertise at the complete service of anyone who wants to rely on our company to make their own blend. Our contract based manufacturing service caters both those who want to create a completely new project, and those who want to replicate an existing recipe.

Freshness saving packaging 

For all of our products we only use certified food packaging that can preserve the aromatic and organoleptic characteristics of coffee, protecting it from harmful external agents such as humidity and oxygen. The materials used for our bags guarantee the preservation of flavors and aromas and the correct conservation for at least two years from the date of packaging. Their strength and heat sealing prevent accidental damage easily. Furthermore, the presence of the one-way degassing valve allows the release of carbon dioxide naturally released by the coffee after roasting and at the same time prevents the entry of external air, avoiding the oxidation of grains.


Within the communication strategy, packaging is an element of strong impact and importance, capable of making the difference between competitors in the market. It is essential to make the most of the product and convey the message that the company wants to convey. For this reason, we offer companies who are entering the market or want to launch a new line, a service of packaging design and study.

During this phase we rely on the expertise of professionals within the sector, experts able to propose modern and innovative ideas through a direct collaboration with the company, understanding their objectives and market needs. The final result is an attractive packaging, which reflects the product quality, the character of the company and its values.

This service is also aimed at those who already own a product line and want to renew their own graphics. The elements characterizing the bags are taken up and reinterpreted, resulting in a new fresh and modern packaging idea.

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